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About Knowledge Solutions LLC

Knowledge LLC is one of the best out there, it's located in Atlanta GA but offers services to people nationwide. Below are list of  services we offer:

  • Credit Restoration for clients in need as well as assisting people with building credit.

  • Tax preparation as well is a service that we offer for individuals and small businesses.

  • Tax resolution

  • Unsecured Funding based off their personal credit.

  • Business credit for new Business.

  • Business in a box which is LLC set-up comes with Dun & Bradstreet #, EIN, Articles of Incorporation and Certificate of good standing.

  • Life Insurance and funeral plan assistance.

  • Secured Cards.

  • Credit my Rents.

About Kayla Joshua

My name is Kayla Joshua, and I was born in Chicago, IL raised in the historic WestSide Las Vegas, NV. Helping others has always been a passion of mine, since I was a child growing up to see the injustice and balance of power between the government and the community all my life. I decided to pursue a career in Criminal Justice, and a Master's of Social work, but all the while I worked in banking to get my way through college and that’s how I learned about finance. My friends and family call me the Financial Social Work because I have been able to take my experience in life and school to be able to continue to assist my community with learning about financial and self-growth in all aspects of life. Hence this reason why tax preparation and credit repair are my passion.

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